Simon Wilkinson

Abstract: Greening the West

10.00am - DAY 2

Simon Wilkinson

Simon Wilkinson is the Strategic Projects Manager at City West Water

Simon Wilkinson has spent 17 years in the water industry and currently works at City West Water as the Strategic Projects Manager. He has held positions across many disciplines including environmental management, alternative water, key customer management, water efficiency and community engagement.

In Simon’s role as Strategic Projects Manager, he is leading a cross functional team that is working to maximise the value obtained from City West Water’s infrastructure asset portfolio by driving innovative solutions that solve customer problems. Simon also has a passion for enhancing community wellbeing and liveability and has a key focus of building strong relationships with other infrastructure service deliverers including Local Government. Some of the key projects being delivered include City West Water’s Stormwater harvesting fund, Greening the West initiative, digital metering and delivery of a suite of renewable energy projects.

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