David Elliott

Welcome Dinner Keynote

8.30pm - Wednesday 11 September

David Elliott is the Chief Innovation Officer at Wessex Water

David has over 30 years’ experience in the water industry and joined Wessex Water in 1985. David has held a number of posts over his career, including 20 years in operations. He was appointed a Director of Wessex Water in 2007.

David has recently been appointed Chief Innovation Officer, an appointment which echoes Wessex Water leadership towards a modern and agile water service provider based upon an open-system model enabling Wessex to deliver greater customer and environmental value.

Prior to this, David was Group Director of Strategy & New Markets, responsible for plotting the evolution of the company including the development of the open system model. Initiatives include EnTrade, an exciting on-line trading platform for environmental services that enables businesses to collaborate on investments to improve environmental and societal outcomes. David also led the acquisition of Flipper, an energy switching platform and is a non- executive Director.

David is non- executive Director of Albion Water – a joint venture with Albion Water and Wessex Water an independent water and sewerage services provider for new housing developments, offering alternative solutions to incumbent water companies. He is also a non-executive director of UKWIR.

David is the founder of Business4Life, a leadership development programme involving setting up model businesses whose profits go to WaterAid.

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