Ann Gooding

Abstract: Strategic Foresight in the Water Sector

10.45am - DAY 1


Ann Gooding is the Acting Team Leader, Corporate Strategy and Industry Leadership for Melbourne Water

Ann is a passionate and multi-skilled professional who has extensive experience in strategic thinking, planning and foresight. Expert in setting high level objectives and cascading them into actions. Strengths include authentic communication and an ability to figure out how people who are different can work together productively. A PhD in science has helped develop a curious intellect, a keen eye for detail, an analytical mind and the ability to oversee all phases of the project lifecycle.

Ann has 10 years’ experience in the water sector, and has been a project manager in sustainable water, applied research and corporate planning. In her current role as team leader, Corporate Strategy, she is responsible for shaping and setting the direction of Melbourne Water on behalf of the Managing Director and the organisation. The Corporate Strategy team is also responsible for ensuring Melbourne Water’s business strategy is translated into plans and actions, and that progress against these objectives is frequently measured and reviewed.

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