Energy Management 101


Australia's urban water sector delivers drinking water, sewerage and recycled water services to cities and towns across the country. Meeting the growing energy demands for urban water services while containing costs and mitigating emissions is one of the most important strategic challenges for the sector.

Energy management – the deliberate and coordinated approach to the planning and management of energy and emissions within a business – is now recognised as a key business requirement.

Collectively, the Australian urban water sector spends close to half a billion dollars annually on energy, mainly electricity, so the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) developed this energy management training package for the Australian urban water sector. This training course is an introduction to the non-technical aspects of energy management with a focus on electricity, which is the primary form of energy sourced across the sector. The purpose in developing this course is to encourage the sector to build its capacity in energy management.

John Day will walk through North East Water's energy journey to show how the Energy 101 training manual can be applied on Day 2 of the VicWater Annual Conference this September.