Water for Good: Ten Years On and What’s Next?



Ten years ago, the South Australian Government embarked on a plan to secure water for the state until 2050. Join Aither presenters Rachel Barratt, Associate Director and Tim Ryan, Principal Consultant for 'Water for Good: Ten Years On and What's Next?' on Day 2 of the VicWater Annual Conference: Leadership Legacy 2035 program this September.

Discover how things evolved in the first ten years, from a suite of policy and government changes, changing community expectations, to new technology and new understandings.

As we move into another dry – or possibly drought – period, it’s a good time to reflect on Water for Good and ask: what’s next and what can we learn for the future? As part of this questioning we ask, how would Water for Good stack up today – did we truly understand the costs and benefits of the policies it implemented and how do you best make significant policy decisions during a crisis? Could we do better next time? of this significant project and what we can learn for the future.