Welcome to LL2035



I warmly welcome you to join the Victorian Water Industry at its premier annual conference, 11-13 September at The Park, Melbourne.  Titled Leadership Legacy 2035, VicWater’s conference is capturing the foresight of our industry in seeking a positive legacy for our communities.

With a strong impetus in the development of innovative technologies, adjusting to rapidly-changing landscapes and climate, and closing the gaps in organisational diversity, Leadership Legacy 2035 will be looking forward to scenarios in 15 years that prepare us to operate even better together.

Over its three days, you will be engaging with the thought leaders who can help us predict and learn with the future. You’ll be interacting with the Minister for Water and industry leaders to seek better ways to service our communities.  And you will be better prepared for the potential disrupters of the future.  Topics span smart communications, environmental scanning, cultural leadership, adaptation, and sustainable management.  You’ll also learn about the leading cases of change from within our industry that can replicated to achieve community expectations and business needs.

Leadership Legacy 2035 inspires new dimensions to our thinking and equips us to continuously improve our industry.  Coming together in September, we are well-placed to lead the globe in water management.  I look forward to seeing you at The Park for this premier event.


Peter Morison
Chief Executive Officer, VicWater